Overlooking the sea on the Tuscan archipelago, the city of Piombino hosts two important museums within its walls designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Archaeological Museum of Populonia is a place full of excitement. Aquarium-windows, real life-scale of ancient activities and environments, videos of archaeological discoveries and ambitious landscape reconstructions give voice and life to the precious artifacts on display. The Baratti Amphora isn’t to be missed, a masterpiece from the sea, symbol of the Museum and of the beauty of the territory. Furthermore, the Museum has recently been enriched with a new “multisensorial” visit that provides an insight into the three symbols of Populonia’s ancient history: the tomb of of the Carts, the so called “Fish” Roman mosaic and the silver Baratti Amphora.
You can find at the Castle and Ceramic Museum an interactive and technological exhibit sharing the results of the archaeological excavations of the city of Piombino. Following the transformations of the castle, come discover the lively and successful port of Piombino from the Middle Ages to modern times. 
You can then continue your visit in the city center of Campiglia Marittima, at the Musei della Rocca. These represent an important historical connection between the town of Campiglia and the Archaeo-mineral Park of San Silvestro, where rises the namesake medieval Rocca. The area includes the “edificio del cassero” or dungeon, the ancient cistern, the imposing castellated wall with double-arched window of the main building, as well as the 20th Century aqueduct.


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