In this section you will find brief descriptions of the over 200km of Val di Cornia trails, divided by municipality.
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Piombino Trails

The Piombino promontory is an enormous oasis completely separate from the inland hills of Val di Cornia. Come enjoy this large “green space” with articulate and accessible trails, while also exploring Etruscan ruins at the Archaelogical Park of Baratti e Populonia.
You can reach the Promontorio, from the South across the East coast and the Parco Costiero della Sterpaia, and from the North crossing the Parco Naturale di Rimigliano that runs across San Vincenzo and its surroundings. The Parco Naturale di Montioni is the “natural path” between Suvereto and Piombino, and is perfect for all sports.

Trail 300 – ridge path – Lenght: 6.6Km – h. max height 270m asl, minimum 31 m asl in Cala Moresca
Trail 301 – Buca delle Fate – Lenght:1.5 Km – 0.20 h
Trail 302 – VIA DEI CAVALLEGGERI – Lenght: 10 Km – 3.20 h max height 122 asl in the central zone. Mimimum 0 m aslin Baratti gulf. 31 asl in Cala Moresca.
Trail 303 – SAN QUIRICO path. pedestrian and bycicle trail. Lenght: 4Km – 1.2 h
Trail 304 – from Via del Crinale to Via dei Cavalleggeri – (Fosso alle Canne) Lenght: 2.2 Km – 0.45 h
Trail 305 – from Via del Crinale to Via dei Cavalleggeri – (Spiaggia Lunga) Lenght: 1.1 Km – 0.20 h

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San Vincenzo Trails

As you come out of the crystal blue waters of San Vincenzo, find green hills and Monte Calvi; from San Carlo, that you can reach from the two main “roads” that are the Il Ginepro and Il Corbezzolo trails, you’ll be able to set on different directions. Head north towards Torre di Donoratico, Castagneto Carducci, Sassetta and Monte Calvi, Campiglia Marittima all the way to Suvereto, or go East towards Buca del Serpente (Snake Nest), or down the valley heading to Campiglia Marittima across the Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro (and its spectacular rocks).

Trail 1(green) The “Corbezzolo” Via delle Rocce track for: bridle path, Trekking Mountain Bike. Trail lenght: about 10 Km travel time: 3 hours from San Vincenzo to Buca del Serpente – max difference: 420 m Difficulty: not very demanding up to San Carlo. From San Carlo to the peak of the ridge (Buca del Serpente) demanding – Departure from north of San Vincenzo (Acquaviva district) Arrival: West ridge in Monte Calvi.

Trail 2 (blue) The “Ginepro” Via delle Dune track for: bridle path, Trekking Mountain Bike. Trail lenght: from the hut of the “Terre Rosse” to the end of Rimigliano park in the south (Torre Nuova ditch) here the path is connected to the trails starting from the Populonia headland – 8 Km travel time:2 hours – max difference:140 m – Difficulty: not demanding – Departure: hut “Terre Rosse” Arrival: ditch “Torre Nuova”

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Campiglia Marittima Trails

Campiglia Marittima’s trails run between San Vincenzo and Suvereto, and are trails and white “roads” for any kind of sport. You can head West, towards San Vincenzo, or North towards Monte Calvi, or East towards Sassetta and the Park of Poggio Neri and Suvereto. Asphalt roads cross the piana (flatlands) del Cornia directly towards Riotorto, the East Coast and Piombino with its promontory: surprisingly, few cars drive though them and you’ll be immersed in the countryside most of the time.

VIA DEL TEMPERINO trail – about 20 minutes (Difficulty: easy)
This trail starts from mine of Temperino and it ends at the museum of archeologyand of minerals, partially following the rail path, used to transport minerals transport in the early of ‘900.

VIA DELLE FERRUZZE trail – abuot 1 hour (difficulty: demanding)
It starts from the crossroad to Pozzo Earle and it ends at the Laverie di Valle Lanzi.

VIA DEI LANZI trail – about 1 hour (difficulty: quite demanding)
Ring path starting and ending at the Laverie di Valle Lanzi,passing through the medieval wells and the huge extraction buildings.

VIA DEI MANIENTI trail – about 45 minuts (difficulty: demanding)
Path to go on the Rocca di San Silvestro: starting from the bridge on the cave and ending at the valley bottom close to a medieval mine.

HEIGHT 212  trail – about 50 minutes (difficulty: easy)
Panoramic road starting at the exit of Temperino mine and ending at the Laverie di Valle Lanzi, following the pathof a rail that connected the mine with the processing buildings.

Please remember that for the mentioned trails it is necessary to pay the ticket at the entrance of the park.

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Suvereto Trails

Suvereto’s trail network is the result of the labor and passion of a group of competent volunteers headed by Roberto Magazzini. Offering 18 trails (over 80 km), Suvereto is THE place where to practice and train outdoors. Perfectly maintained and signaled trails that cross the inland territory of Val di Cornia and will give you postcard-like panoramas.

SENTIERO 1 SUVERETO – PRATA – SUVERETO KM 8,2 | 2:30 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 2 PRATA – church of ANNUNZIATA – CANCELLINI – PRATA KM 7,6 | 2:40 h Difficulty: demanding
SENTIERO 3 CROCINO – CANCELLINI – peak of MONTE CALVI – CROCINO KM 12,6 | ORE 6:20 Difficulty: demanding
SENTIERO 4 crossing of MONTE CALVI KM 1,8 | 0:20 h Difficulty: easy
SENTIERO 5 SUVERETO – viewpoint – PRATA KM 4,3 | 1:40 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 6 LA RAGNA – french valley – PELOSO mount KM 5,7 | 1:50 h Difficulty: easy
SENTIERO 8 crossing of POGGIO PINO KM 1,5 | 0:30 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 9 POGGIO PIEVANO – LE FONTI – GERMANDINE KM 1,3 | 0:35 h Difficulty: easy
SENTIERO 10 SUVERETO – MONTE PELOSO – FORNI KM 5,2 | 1:30 h Difficulty: easy
SENTIERO 11 LE FORESTE – pink marble caves – FORNI KM 3,9 | 1:40 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 12 PRATA – POGGIO AGLIAI – NEBBIAIA KM 3,5 | 1:10 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 13 MOLINO DEL PANCIONE – BARBICONI – french valley KM 3,2 | 0:50 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 15 TRAVERSA DI PRATA KM 0,8 | 0:20 h Difficulty: medium
SENTIERO 16 LA CORTA DI BELVEDERE KM 0,9 | 0:30 h Difficulty: demanding
SENTIERO 17 path of the old mills KM 3,7 | 1:20 h Difficulty: easy

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Sassetta Trails

Following the steps of an ancient coal, chestnut and hunt-based economy, you will reach Sassetta in the Poggio Neri Park. There you will be able to visit the Museo del Bosco (Forest Museum). Sign up for free and download the map!

SENTIERO 100 / Sassetta – Pian dei Brizzi – Casa Salvestrina – km 3.850

SENTIERO 101 / Casa Salvestrina – M. Bufalaio – km 2952

SENTIERO 102 / Percorso per disabili – Anello Monte Bufalaio – km 1.990

SENTIERO 102a / Sassetta – Case Logo – Monte Bufalaio . km 1.190

SENTIERO 103 / P.gio Bufalaio – Rif. Forestale – Rif. dei Maiali – Museo del Bosco – Casetta fiorentina – km 0.625

SENTIERO 103a  / Monte Bufalaio – Rif. dei Maiali – Museo del Bosco – c. Fiorentina – km 1.290

SENTIERO 104 / F.te Venella – I Colli – km 1.381

SENTIERO 104a / Fonte Venella – Percorso 105 – km 0.630

SENTIERO 105 / Rif. Il Diaccio – Seripa _ La Pieve – km 2.352

SENTIERO 105a / Salcione – La Pieve – km 1.586

SENTIERO 106 / I Colli – La Pieve – Quercialte – S. Anna – km 4.457

SENTIERO 106a / Cessa punta Tagliati – Percorso 110 – km 0.644

SENTIERO 107 / Quercialte – Vallin dell’Olmo – S. Anna – km 2.653

SENTIERO 108 / Percorso 106 – La Fornace – Percorso 107 – km 2.406

SENTIERO 109 / Casetta Fiorentina – I Colli – La Ceretta – km 3.287

SENTIERO 109a / La Ceretta – Porcarecce – km 2.364

SENTIERO 110 / I Colli – Le Moricce – Casa Punta Tagliati – S. Anna – km 4.073

SENTIERO 111 / La Pieve – Campo del Bizzarro . Le Moricce – km 1.687

SENTIERO 111a / Corsoio – Cipressini – P.te Le Moricce – km 1.418

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You can reach Castagneto Carducci from San Vincenzo throughthe road starting in San Carlo or through the old Aurelia road.
This trail is well known by cyclists and even in winter professional cycling teams use this trail for training.


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